Understanding Winter Tire Requirements for Mountain Passes in BC

Unclear about the Winter Tire Requirements for Mountain Passes in BC? GRiP Tire & AUTO in Coquitlam would like to clear that up. And with requirements already in full-swing as of October 1st, it is definitely important information to understand!

Understanding Winter Tire Season Requirements for Mountain Passes in BC

BC winter tire requirements for mountain passes were put in place to ensure the safety of drivers. Ideally, with better tire traction, driving on high-elevation roadways can reduce accidents during the winter months. As such, this is a general overview of the winter tire requirements for mountain passes in BC:

What Constitutes ‘Winter Tires’?

Winter tires have a couple different designations that include the mountain/snowflake symbol (often called the “Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake” symbol) or the M+S symbol.

When Does Winter Tire Season Start?

Winter tire season runs from October 1st to March 31st when traveling on designated routes – as we discuss below.

Should You Carry Chains?

In addition to winter tires, tire chains can also be important on mountain passes. It’s a good practice to have them on hand in case you encounter extremely slippery conditions.

Penalties for Non-compliance

Failing to comply with the winter tire requirements can result in fines. Additionally, if you are driving without appropriate winter tires and are involved in an accident, it could impact your insurance coverage.

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Where Are Winter Tires Required in BC?

Curious where you specifically are required to have winter tires (or equivalent) in BC? As discussed on the ICBC site…

Certain highways in B.C. require cars and light trucks to use winter tires from October 1 to March 31. Signs are posted on these designated highways to advise drivers where and when winter tires are required. Vehicles not equipped with winter tires are prohibited from travelling past the signs. These routes are on the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure website.

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